Seasons of Serverless

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Each week we will publish a challenge created by Azure Advocates with amazing Student Ambassadors around the world. Discover popular festive recipes and learn how Microsoft Azure empowers you to do more with Serverless Functions! 🍽 😍.

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Serverless Solution for Lovely Ladoos:

Challenge 2: Lovely Ladoos

Featured Region: India

Your Chefs: Jasmine Greenaway, Cloud Advocate (Microsoft) with Soumya Narapaju and Aditya Raman, Microsoft Student Ambassadors

It’s Diwali season in India! A very popular delicacy that Indians eat during Diwali…

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Serverless Compute

Serverless Compute can be thought of Function as a Service (FaaS) or a microservice that is hosted on the Cloud. Behind cloud, the applications are hosted as the stateless compute containers that are event-triggered and ephemeral, but you are not required to manage that server it is dynamically…

It was my utmost desire to become a Data Scientist. I have good programming skills in python and worked on most of its libraries. I worked on many freelancing, open-source and personal projects, but then it was not necessary to use them and it is not a good programming skill to complicate the simple logics and programs. Although the projects are the most effective way of learning, still you will be unaware whether you will be implementing the specific skills in the project or not. …

Aditya Raman

Back End Developer | Software Engineer | DevOps Engineer | Data Science | Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador | Mentor MLH | Full Stack Developer

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